Beacon Hill Children’s Farm Victoria BC

Being local, we’ve often visited the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm Victoria BC with family and friends who are visiting. This farm and petting zoo is located in Beacon Hill Park, and is the only petting zoo in Victoria BC. One of the most unique activities is a goat parade, with the children being able to pet the goats in the goat area.

Beacon Hill Children's Farm sign at entrance.

About Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

Beacon Hill Childrens Farm has been operated since 1985 by the Koenders family in conjunction with the Beacon Hill Farm Society. There are some rules when you attend the farm, which are available for viewing on the website prior to your visit. Generally speaking, don’t feed or pick up, yell at or chase the animals.

Make sure you treat the animals (and the folks who work at the farm) with respect.

Picture of the Beacon Hill Childrens Farm on a bright sunny morning.

How to Get there

You can access the Children’s Farm at 815 Circle Drive in Victoria, BC. If you’re coming from the Cruise ship at Ogden Point, it’s an easy walk along Dallas Road, then cross through Beacon Hill Park when you see the Mile 0 Sign and the Terry Fox Memorial.

From downtown, or the Clipper or Coho Ferry Terminals, its an easy walk along Belleville to Douglas Street, then through Beacon Hill Park. Use the map below to get directions from wherever you are staying in Victoria.

Map showing Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

Is there Parking at the Children’s Farm, and if so, what’s the cost?

Parking is available just off Circle Drive, and is free for up to 3 hours. There is also street parking along Dallas Road.

What are the hours for the Farm and petting zoo?

At this time, the hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. Check the website for any updates or changes.

How much does it cost for entrance to the Farm?

Entrance to the farm is by donation. The recommended donation amount is $4.00/child, and $5.00/adult. This farm and petting zoo is run 100% by donation.

Goat Stampede

The Goat Stampede, also known as the “running of the goats”, or “goat parade”, is one of the more popular events occurring daily at 10:10 am and 5:10 pm. Check the website for any updates or changes to this schedule.

An important note: If you are planning to go to the 5:10 pm goat stampede, make sure you’re there with enough time to see everything else before 5:00 pm, as the goat stampede will end the day for these hungry and tired animals.

This is great entertainment for the whole family. Make sure you arrive a few minutes early if you’re coming for the 10:10 am stampede. Every time we’ve visited at this time, people line up to enter so they can secure a good spot to watch the stampede.

If you don’t know where to stand, ask one of the helpful staff. They will gladly point you in the right direction to get a good view.

The stampede doesn’t last long, but with everyone clapping and encouraging the goats as they clamber along joyfully, it feels like a short and exciting party! The children (and the adults) will absolutely love this unique and memorable experience.

Goat petting zoo area

Petting the goats in the enclosure is also a fun activity for the children. They will learn very quickly how friendly the goats are. If they sit and wait, it’s likely a goat will climb on them. We’ve seen very shy and apprehensive children become used to the goats very quickly.

There are brushes available to gently comb the goats. Or even just petting the goats will entertain the children for quite awhile.

Keep in mind the goat area will close at 5:00 pm so if you’re planning to go to the goat stampede at 5:10, pet the goats before the area closes at 5:00 p.m.

Other animals at the farm

There are lots of other animals at the farm see and pet if they wish to be pet from the fence. Take your time wandering through and enjoy your glimpse at farm life and petting zoo in Victoria BC city center.

You can pet any animal who wants to be pet from the people side of the fence. The goat area is the only area you can enter.

We enjoyed watching the budgies in the aviary. They have such lovely musical chatter between them and are so delicate and beautifully coloured.

Memorials to Animals

The staff has done a wonderful tribute to the animals no longer at the Farm, whose lives were clearly cherished, valued and lovingly remembered.

The Peacocks

You’ll see the peacocks and peahens throughout Beacon Hill Park and Beacon Hill Children’s Farm. They seem to wander freely.

They are quite beautiful to look at but remember they may become aggressive if they feel vulnerable or threatened. Be cautious and respectful when you’re trying to get that perfect picture.

Beautiful peacock sitting on the fence at Beacon Hill Park.  He seems to be posing for the picture.

Other things to do at Beacon Hill Park

Before or after your visit to Beacon Hill Children’s Farm in Victoria BC, you should check out other activities in Beacon Hill Park. There are many fun activities for everyone, including the play areas which has been our grand-daughters favorite activity after visiting the farm.

Playground at Beacon Hill Park.

Beacon Hill Park is considered to be one of Victoria’s most beautiful parks, so worth checking out if you have the time!

Where are the Washroom Facilities?

There are handwashing stations for use after you’ve visited the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo and Farm, however the washrooms are between the farm and the playground, just a short distance away.

Beacon Drive In

Make sure to stop by Beacon Drive In for a meal or an ice cream either before or after your visit to Beacon Hill Children’s Farm. With so much variety in food and ice cream choices, you won’t be disappointed!

Beacon Drive In (restaurant) sign with menu outside.

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