Butchart Gardens Victoria at Christmas

This post includes details and pictures from our visit November 29, 2021 enjoying Butchart Gardens Victoria at Christmas time.

Victoria is appropriately referred to as the City of Gardens. There were even special token dollar (trade) coins produced depicting this from 1976 to 1986. These were souvenir tokens. If you’re fortunate enough to have one of these coins/tokens in great condition, you might find they have value today. Check here if you’re interested in learning more.

One of Victoria’s most famous gardens is the Butchart Gardens. It’s open year round and changes with each season. We’ve visited during all seasons, and it’s a pleasant and relaxing experience at any time of the year.

Twelve Days of Christmas Display

Without doubt, a favourite time to visit for many people is during the Twelve Days of Christmas display on from November 26, 2021-January 6, 2022 this season. It’s awesome in so many ways. This is a family activity and the kids will love the experience as much as the adults.

We pre-booked our tickets online as required for entry. This allows the staff to maintain a reasonable number of people visiting the gardens at any given time. Once inside the gardens, you can stay as long as you like. We went at opening time which was 3:30 p.m. It wasn’t dark yet, however this allowed us to walk through the gardens at a steady pace. We did, of course, find ourselves singing the “Twelve days of Christmas” song to try to remember what “gifts” we were looking for. Everyone does this, so it isn’t embarrassing at all. It’s fun and entertaining to listen as others also try to remember the lyrics!

We found all twelve gifts on display throughout the garden, then took a short break to indulge in a brownie and coffee from the cafe. The cafe has a pretty good selection of food for those who might need replenishment while walking the gardens.

We walked the entire garden again when it became dark. Winter in this corner of the world means it gets dark around 4:30 p.m.

It was a little busier on our second stroll around, however we wanted to pause and take pictures anyway. The light displays are impressive and cause you to slow down to take it all in.

A fun place to take a selfie!
For $2.00 each you and your little one can enjoy the merry go round!

These are lights, not leaves. You will want to linger in this section of the garden!
The lights on this tree come alive with noise, laughter, chatter and singing! We had fun making it dance. 🙂

We want to give you fair warning about your visit to the Butchart Gardens Victoria at Christmas time. This experience will leave you wanting more, and you may find yourself planning your next visit just as you’re finally seeing the twelve drummers drumming!

Afterwards, downtown – we enjoyed a meal at Milestones. You will find more information on Victoria and area restaurants by clicking here.

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