Victoria BC Outdoors Hiking, Cycling, Walking

Are you looking for hiking, cycling, walking paths and trails in Victoria BC outdoors? You’ve come to the right place!

Victoria BC is well known for it’s mild climate and extensive multi-use (hiking, cycling, walking) trails. Each year, tourists flock to this charming and beautiful city to experience everything Victoria has to offer.

Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, in Victoria, you’ll enjoy some of the mildest temperatures in Canada. This is one of the many reasons Canadians choose to retire in Victoria.

For more details on climate and average temperatures in Victoria, visit the City of Victoria website.

Victoria Outdoors

Hiking, Cycling and Walking

Many people come to Victoria BC to partake in activities surrounded by luscious greenery, made even greener in the fall and winter months with additional rainfall. Though cooler, the temperatures rarely dip below freezing during the autumn/ winter months (October – February). This makes Victoria a great destination for outdoorsy types.

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Dressing for the Outdoors in Victoria BC

Victoria BC outdoors, with all it’s available hiking, cycling and walking opportunities, is a nature lover’s paradise! We find we can easily explore for hours, and it’s easy to lose track of time while enjoying the lovely scenery.

In Victoria, it can and will rain at all times of the year. However, it rarely lasts all day, so you’ll want to be prepared for changing weather. If you’re walking, hiking or cycling, proper attire is a must to enjoy your experience. Bring a raincoat and comfortable, stable footwear. Victoria has many hills, so you’ll get a workout if you’re looking for that in your activities. If, however, this seems too ambitious, you will also find walks and trails with more gentle inclines to enjoy a less strenuous activity.

Most hotels in Victoria will have a small supply of umbrellas for you to borrow, however if you prefer to bring your own, we recommend you keep it small so it will be easy to carry.

Should you decide to pack one to bring with you we recommend the Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel from Amazon for your convenience. It’s highly rated, convenient for packing and easy to use.

While you’re outdoors enjoying Victoria, be sure to stop in and enjoy some of the many restaurants Victoria has to offer. Catering to visitors is extremely important in this tourist city and eating in the restaurants here are a real treat. Whether you’re looking for somewhere casual to take a break from your walking, cycling or hiking, or perhaps something more formal at the end of your active and busy day, you will find a restaurant to suit your taste.

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