Best Water Activities Victoria BC

Are you looking for the best water activities in Victoria BC? As locals, we will help you find the most fun water activities, sports and tours! Stand Up Paddle boarding, kayaking, boat tours of the harbour, or whale watching; it’s all here for you in Victoria. Vancouver Island is a water lover’s paradise!.

Victoria is situated on Vancouver Island. We are surrounded by water, some of it calm (gorge waterway), some of it a bit more active (inner harbour), and of course the open ocean beyond the harbour. Water sports and activities are part of living the Island Life, and visitors flock here, especially during the summer to partake in these activities.

There are so many great water sports and activities, and this will provide you with a summary of what’s available. Whether you’re a novice just trying out some of these activities, or a seasoned professional, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Safety and rules in the harbour

Lifejackets are required on all watercraft in British Columbia.

There is a lot of activity in Victoria Harbour; marine traffic, recreational traffic, and a certified water airport. In order to maximize safety and understand the rules set out by Transport Canada, please review the Public Port of Victoria details including traffic scheme,

Also, download the Safe Boating Guide, which incudes minimum requirements for all pleasure craft, including Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

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Stand up Paddle Boarding – SUP

There are folks who try this activity for the first time while in Victoria, and with good reason. Lots of companies offer lessons prior to actually participating in the activity of paddle boarding in Victoria. Water safety and your comfort on the water is very important, and those who are instructors and guides in this activity understand that clearly.

Book Stand up paddle boarding tour on the Gorge Waterway

Stand up Paddle Boarding is a fun water activity while in Victoria BC.

Or Stand up paddle boarding tour at Thetis Lake


Kayaking in Victoria BC is a popular activity for residents as well as visitors. You can check the traffic scheme provided above to see places to launch your kayak. Or if you don’t have your own, you can book a tour to go kayaking in Victoria BC.

Book Kayaking tour Victoria Harbour

Kayaking is a fun and popular water activity in Victoria, both in the harbour and in the Gorge Waterway.
Lots of teams practice water sports  in the Gorge Waterway and Victoria Harbour.

Whale Watching

One of the most popular water activities, people from all over participate in a whale watching tour wile they are visiting Victoria BC. There are several different types of boats you can book for tours. Choose the type of craft you are most comfortable being in for 3 hours, as most whale watching tours will last at least that long.

Book Zodiac Whale watching tour – approx 3 Hours Victoria

Whale watching is one of the most popular water activities in Victoria BC.

Or Whale watching tour – 1/2 day Victoria

Sunset whale watching tour approx 3 hours Victoria

Harbour Tours

Victoria Harbour Ferry is a water taxi operating throughout various areas in Victoria Harbour and the Gorge Waterway. They offer a taxi service in addition to tours in Victoria Harbour and the Gorge.

Victoria Harbour Ferries operates water taxis and harbour tours in Victoria BC.

Whatever you choose to do on the water, have fun and stay safe! For more travel tips while you’re in Victoria, return to our Victoria BC Travel Tips Menu for more ideas.

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