Getting around in Victoria BC

Are you looking for ways of getting around in Victoria BC while you’re visiting? Wondering how you will get around in Victoria? Victoria is totally walkable, especially throughout the downtown core. There’s also a good bus system in Victoria BC called BC transit, who operate throughout Victoria.

There are several ways to get around in Victoria.

From the airport to downtown

Our Getting to Victoria post covers options to make your way downtown from the airport.

From the Swartz Bay Terminal to downtown

Our Getting to Victoria post covers options to make your way downtown from the Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

Once you’re downtown, if that’s where you’re staying, BC transit makes it easy for you to get around town by bus. You can plan your trip before you go somewhere simply by using the website. We usually take pictures of the route and the stops with our iPhone/cell phone, so if we don’t have Wi-Fi while out and about, we still have the route and know the stops.

It’s worth noting that Victoria and the outlying communities use the same transit system. You can travel to many communities outside of Victoria on the same day pass.

Here are some tips to help you use the buses in Victoria BC:

  • Children under the age of 12 ride for free
  • A day pass costs $5.00. When you get on the bus, request a day pass when you put your money in the fare box. The driver will hand you a slip to use throughout the day. On each subsequent trip, just hold up your day pass for the driver to see the date.
  • Drivers do not make change. Please have the exact fare ready when you board the bus. It can be bills or coin. You may have to fold up your bill to push it through the fare slot. The slots were designed for coins.
  • You can purchase books of 10 tickets at applicable merchants (see website). Two tickets can be used for a day pass. This will be slightly less expensive than providing $5.00 for a day pass. If you are going to be in town and using the bus alot, consider a monthly pass.
  • When you see the bus approaching your stop, give the driver a friendly wave. The drivers may not stop unless you wave. There are often multiple busses at the stops, so this will help them know you want to catch this bus.
  • When you’ve paid your fare, and have your ticket (if you’ve paid for a day pass), take your seat. Hold on if the bus starts moving but make your way to a seat as soon as possible.
  • If you sit in the sections near the front of the bus, be prepared to move if someone with mobility challenges gets on the bus. The front seats are designated for those requiring these seats.
  • If you are standing, please hold on. If your children are standing hold onto them, and have them hold on as well.
  • On the double decker buses, be very careful on the stairs. The bus can move suddenly. There have been times we’ve seen people fall as they believed the bus was stopped, when in fact it was stopped at a light and began moving again.
  • If you have questions about your trip, or aren’t sure where to get off, ask the driver. The driver is accustomed to helping people get to where they’re going and in the years we’ve been taking the bus in Victoria, we have found the drivers to be friendly and helpful.
  • The stops are showing on the lighted sign, usually at the front of the bus. Sometimes if it’s a large bus, you will see a sign mid way on the bus too.
  • Watch for the stop before you will be exiting. Know when your stop is next, as you will press the stop button, or pull the cord to let the driver know you are requesting the next stop.
  • The driver will not stop at stops not specifically requested by a press of the button, or pull of the cord.
  • When you exit the bus, thank the driver by waving or saying a polite thank you as you get off at the rear door if you’re able.
BC transit bus is a good way to get around in Victoria BC

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Car Rental

If you have already rented a car at the airport, then we suggest you still plan your routes before you get in the vehicle to drive. There are often construction detours, so mind the posted speed limits and signs at all times. Most rental cars have smart phone connections for using your GPS.

Victoria, especially in the summer during cruise ship season, has a lot of pedestrians and cyclists. Bicycle lanes are next to traffic on some streets, so if you’re driving, be extra cautious of cyclists and pedestrians. We’ve seen cars cut off bikes, and unfortunately pedestrians can get hit if a driver doesn’t see them in time.


We’re often asked if Victoria BC is walkable. Victoria is truly a very walkable city. If you use google maps when you’re planning your route anywhere, look at the walking directions and time it takes to get there. You will probably find that a lot of activities your family wants to participate in are within walking distance.


Cycling is easy in Victoria, BC. There are many bike lanes, and even better there are trails and routes designated for cycling and walking. The Galloping Goose Trail, E&N Rail Trail and Lochside Trail are all used as commuter trails and used by residents to get to and from work, as well as visitors to get through the city or just to have a lovely time cycling with family and friends.

There are many places to rent bicycles in Victoria, as you’ll no doubt see as you explore downtown.

Water Taxis

Water Taxis typically operate only from dawn to dusk and aren’t available after dark. There are schedules which change throughout the year. Check the Victoria Harbour Ferry site for more details or to book a water taxi


There are taxicab services available in the greater Victoria area.

Rideshare KABU

Kabu is a rideshare service in Victoria BC. It’s new, and you have to download the app to register in order to use this service.

Wondering what to do in Victoria, BC while you’re visiting? Return to our Victoria Travel Tips Menu for more information!

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