Christmas in Victoria Activities Downtown

Activities, sights, and sounds of Downtown Victoria

During the holiday season, we find ourselves walking to and enjoying the activities, sights and sounds of downtown Victoria. There’s a bustle of people on Government Street and around the Bay Centre, shopping or out enjoying the mild temperatures. The harbour is beautiful both during the day and at night. With many hotels and businesses offering Christmas themed and lighted events, it’s a great place to find that holiday spirit!

Gingerbread Showcase Display

We walked to the Gingerbread Showcase at Parkside Hotel & Spa a few days ago. Once we arrived, the staff informed us that this display also extends to the Marriott Victoria Inner Harbour, DoubleTree by Hilton, and Chateau Victoria. The Gingerbread showcase runs from November 20, 2021-January 2, 2022.

There are several displays at the Parkside Hotel, and you can vote (and donate to Habitat for Humanity) by touchless transaction using your credit card.

Viewing the creations was fun, and the folks who prepared these displays are all extremely talented.

After viewing (and smelling) the awesome gingerbread displays, we were hungry! We decided to go to Murchies for sandwiches & snacks then continued shopping a little more downtown. Please check our Top 10 favorite restaurants and cafes in Victoria area to learn more about Murchies.

Shopping on Government Street

There are many small shops along Government Street, including Rogers Chocolates and Munro’s Book Store. To learn about the history of Rogers Heritage Store on Government Street click here. Sidewalks are wide and there are several pedestrian friendly areas for those without a vehicle There are simply too many stores to list in this post. To make shopping along Government Street easier during the holiday season or at any time, visit Victoria Tourism – downtown shopping guide to review your options.

Should you be inclined to walk a little farther, carry on to Store Street. There you will find Capital Iron, a particular favourite store of ours. It’s great for both browsing and buying.

Whether strolling, shopping, or enjoying the eateries and pubs in downtown Victoria, you’ll likely find the pace of your chosen activities to be slower than you may be accustomed to. Our guess is you won’t mind at all.

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