Christmas in Victoria

Advent starts the 4th Sunday before Christmas, and therefore changes year to year. Advent 2021 began yesterday, Sunday, November 28th, and will end on Friday, December 24.

The Bay Centre

We began our Christmas celebration yesterday by visiting the Bay Centre downtown. This mall is decorated beautifully each Christmas season with the Festival of Trees.

This is a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit!

After a rainy but warm walk, we arrived at the Bay Centre before the stores opened at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. This allowed us to walk at a more leisurely pace, and view all the trees spread throughout the mall. There are certainly some very creatively decorated trees and once we’ve viewed all of them, we each chose our favourites! We weren’t alone, as other families clearly had the same idea – everyone was respectful of one another’s space.

Once the stores were open, we did a little shopping, then decided to have some lunch at the Irish Times Pub. You can view more information on Irish Times Pub in my post of the Top Ten Restaurants and Cafes in Victoria and area by clicking here.

Munro Book Store

After lunch, we made the short walk down Government Street to Munros Book Store. Truly a Victoria gem, if you haven’t been here before you will find some unique and interesting choices at this store. This is a required stop for many folks visiting Victoria.

Once we found the perfect graphic novels for the youngest of our shoppers, we proceeded to walk home.

Westsong Walkway

We crossed over the Johnson Street lift Bridge, and, as it had stopped raining, we lingered a few times along the west song walkway to watch the otters playing and fishing. We saw a Harbour Air float plane take off, and enjoyed the changes in light on the ocean as it swirled.

Though it wasn’t raining any longer, the water in the harbour was still active. We continued along the Westsong Walkway, chatting and enjoying the ever-changing view. Eventually we climbed the long stairs over the Matson Conservation area.

These stairs are utilized by many people for their workouts, and as such can get busy. Probably because it had been raining earlier, it was quiet on the stairs yesterday.

February 2020 Stairs over the Matson Conservation area

Victoria is a magical place to be during the Christmas season. We noticed yesterday that it’s staring to become a buzz of activity downtown. Government Street is a popular place for locals and tourists to shop during the Christmas season. There are plenty of shops unique to Victoria along Government Street.

As the season unfolds, we will no doubt be visiting other areas of the city to take in the Christmas sights and sounds!

Check out our blog for updates for more festive adventures!

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