Best Things to Do-Winter in Victoria BC

Are you looking for places to visit in Victoria in the winter? It’s November, and winter is upon us in Victoria BC. The temperatures are beginning to cool, and that feeling of getting prepared for the holidays has begun. If you’re considering a vacation in the greater Victoria area this winter season, as locals, we’re here to help! Victoria is a great place to live year round. However in the winter, and especially during Christmas, it becomes extra-special with lots of places to visit and plenty of things to do. A winter vacation in Victoria BC is one of the best choices for a winter vacation in all of Canada.

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Butchart Gardens during the Magic of Christmas Display in Winter


In Victoria

Visiting Victoria in the Winter

Unlike other places in Canada we’ve lived or visited during the winter where you have to make your way through snow covered streets or sidewalks, this seldom happens in Victoria. There’s an ease that comes with being in a more mild climate during winter. Plus living on an Island, surrounded by water that doesn’t freeze, you will see this place is quite unique.

Being close to the harbour and ocean is good for the soul at any time of the year. However seeing the festive lights dance on the water during the holiday season is a treat. Watching the harbour planes take off and land at all times of the year is a favorite activity for many who visit and live here. This and so much more makes a winter vacation in Victoria BC special.

We enjoy winter in Victoria. It’s quieter, and that means you’re not amongst crowds of people to enjoy restaurants, movies, museums and other activities. Although there are some activities not available during the winter, there are still places to see in Victoria in the winter.

Sure, it rains a bit more, and although rare, it can even snow for a week or two each year. However, as we so often hear, luckily one doesn’t have to shovel rain! This is very much in line with our recommendation to travel to destinations in the off season if possible, as noted in our tips on how to save money while planning your trip.

If you want to know more about what it’s like living in the City of Victoria, check the City Hall website.

Festival of trees in Bay Centre adds to the Christmas in Victoria magic

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