Best Things to Do-Summer in Victoria, BC

Are you looking for things to do in the summer in Victoria British Columbia Canada and nearby? As locals, we are happy to help you find fun activities for your visit in the Summer Season in Victoria BC. If you enjoy leisurely strolls by the harbour, sitting on an outdoor patio with friends and family, or partaking in the many water activities that go hand in hand with being on an Island, then a visit to Victoria in the summer may be a good destination for you! Summer in Victoria BC is a hive of activity.

There are tourists who visit Victoria BC year round, however with the cruise ships descending on the city from May-October, it becomes more lively with a thriving bustle of people enjoying Victoria’s charm.

Summer in Victoria at Beacon Hill Park


In Victoria

What is the weather like in the summer in Victoria BC?

Generally speaking, the weather in Victoria during the summer is warm, not usually hot. Having said that, in the past couple of years there have been extremely hot temperatures for part of the summer. This doesn’t usually last for more than a week or so, but if you happen to be in Victoria when the temperatures are in the 30’s (celsius – 80’s in Fahrenheit), you need to be very careful especially with outdoor activities.

The daily high temperatures for Victoria BC Canada in the summer months (June-August) average between 17-19 Celsius (63-67 Fahrenheit). Evening averages are between 10-12 Celsius (50-54 Fahrenheit).

You will easily see that Victoria is very walkable, and you can do most of the sightseeing you wish to do by walking, cycling, or using transit.

Sitting and relaxing in Beacon Hill Park.

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If you prefer, perhaps due to limited time to see Victoria BC, there are some guided tours we would recommend.

The Victoria guided food and history tour will take you to some interesting places, and is highly rated. It’s likely to sell out so make sure you book your dates in advance if you’re interested.

If you’re in a group, then the Two Hour Luxury City Tour might be for you.

You may also want to visit our Victoria Travel Tips menu for more ideas on what to see and do wile in Victoria BC.

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